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On Saturday (22) Katie started the day by attending the Arrow Press Line and doing a lot of interviews.

In this one for comicbook.com, she talked about Black Siren’s backstory and her chances of redemption:

“Yes, I think the more we learn about her backstory and what her relationship was like with Oliver, absolutely,” said Cassidy. “I think it will make sense in the end and not necessarily make her as bad of a person. You might be like “Oh, okay that makes sense.” Yes, I do think we’ll know more.””.

Cassidy also believes there is a chance at becoming something more than a villain, giving fans something that they can relate to.

“Yes, I do think there’s a chance at redemption for her. I think there will be people who understand when she has the opportunity and once we learn what she’s gone through, why she is the way that she is. I think people will be able to relate to it, have sympathy for her. I think there’s a chance at really helping her get back to who she is at her core, and potentially not be so crazy, and have a good side to her, but I think as time goes on we’ll learn that.”

More interviews (and pictures) below:

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posted by Cindy on 29.07.17