22 February 2017
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Candids: Katie Seen at the Airport in Vancouver

Katie was seen at the airport in Vancouver on Februay 16, this time with her friend Tommy Cole. She was back in town to film what seems to be a quick appearance on Legends of Tomorrow season finale. Check out the HQ pictures:

AKC_yvrcandids_281429.jpg AKC_yvrcandids_28529.jpg AKC_yvrcandids_281129.jpg AKC_yvrcandids_281829.jpg


20 February 2017
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Tomboy KC: Rebecca Minkoff Skipped Fashion Week and So Did We

“Designers ditched New York Fashion Week this season like they finally realized February in New York is freaking cold.
Seriously though, with the changes in the fashion landscape taking place (thank you Instagram and all other forms of social media), it seems designers are looking for ways to move with the times. Stay ahead of the game. Pave a path for what’s to come, if you will.

This season, Rebecca Minkoff joined the likes of Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, and Rachel Zoe, and held her runway show in Los Angeles. Taking full advantage of the opportunity to attend a runway show outside in February (dreams do come true!), Katie hot-footed it down to The Grove to support Minkoff and this geniusly innovative show.

Social influencers joined models along The Grove’s trolley tracks, including our pal Coco Rocha, Gotham alum Jamie Chung, Song of Style‘s Aimee Song, The Chriselle Factor‘s Chriselle Lim, and Natalie Off Duty‘s Natalie Suarez. What’s more? The whole thing was instantly shoppable via LikeToKnow.It. Boom. How’s that for groundbreaking?

We’ve said for years that Fashion Week was going to have to change beyond just creating Instagramworthy shows in order to stay relevant. Sure, buyers still need to buy, but is the fashion show really serving that purpose anymore…? If you look around at the audiance and play “spot the people that really need to be here,” the answer is probably not.


06 February 2017
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Photos & Video: Rebecca Minkoff’s ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Fashion Show

Last Saturday (Feb. 04) Katie attended the Rebecca Minkoff’s ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Fashion Show at The Grove in Los Angeles. Check out the photos and a video below:

AKC_rebeccaminkoff_28829.jpg AKC_rebeccaminkoff_28329.jpg AKC_rebeccaminkoff_28929.jpg AKC_rebeccaminkoff_28129.jpg

06 February 2017
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Screencaps: Arrow 5×10 “Who Are You?”

Screencaps from Arrow 5×10 are already in the gallery, check out if you haven’t seen them yet:

arrow_5x10screencaps_283929.JPG arrow_5x10screencaps_289629.JPG arrow_5x10screencaps_2816229.JPG arrow_5x10screencaps_2819329.JPGarrow_5x10screencaps_2822729.JPG arrow_5x10screencaps_2830029.JPG arrow_5x10screencaps_2845129.JPG arrow_5x10screencaps_2859429.JPG


30 January 2017
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Photos & Video: Entertainment Weekly Celebration of SAG Award Nominees

Katie attended the Entertainment Weekly Celebration of SAG Award Nominees this Saturday (January 28) in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve added 26 photos to the gallery, and here’s a little video:

AKC_sag_award_281829.jpg AKC_sag_award_281329.jpg AKC_sag_award_28829.jpg AKC_sag_award_282029.jpg
AKC_sag_award_281229.jpg AKC_sag_award_28229.jpg AKC_sag_award_282729.jpg AKC_sag_award_28329.jpg


27 January 2017
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Spoilers: Producer Teases Black Siren’s Future

If you watched this week’s episode of Arrow, I know you must be very upset about the ending, but some are also wondering what’s next for Black Siren… right? Considering that Katie just moved into her new house in Los Angeles (as she confirmed in her latest Facebook Live video), I don’t think she’s filming anything for the DCTV shows lately. However, Marc Guggenheim affirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that we haven’t seen the last of Black Siren:

“I think that at the end of the day we sort of saw an opportunity to tell what we thought was an interesting story. I think one of the nice things of the episode that it did for us was that it sort of took Black Siren back from The Flash and sort of put her more on to Arrow’s orbit. That just opens up all sorts of interesting storytelling possibilities for us.”

We saw at the end of the episode that Oliver still believes Black Siren can be redeemed, and according to Guggenheim it was very intentional:

“That was very intentional, like I said, a good chunk of the end of the episode was about putting Black Siren back in Oliver’s orbit. We could have very easily returned her to the pipeline in Central City, but Oliver and us as writers wanted to keep Black Siren close. Just yesterday in the writer’s room we were talking about all the different potential stories for Black Siren. You know, assuming Katie [Cassidy] is up for it, you haven’t seen the last of Black Siren. I think there is a lot of interesting stuff to be done and at the end of the day – to sort of go back to the point of toying with people’s emotions [laughs] – we really do break story according to a very, very simple barometer which is ‘Is it interesting? Do we have stories to tell?’

[With] Black Siren, there is a lot of potential there. Just this morning, driving into work, I was thinking about just how much I wanted to see a scene where [Quentin] Lance meets Black Siren. I just think that would be really, really, rich to see those emotional stuff. So again, with Katie’s participation, you haven’t seen the last of her.”

Sources: Heroic Hollywood || Entertainment Weekly

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