21 March 2017
posted by Cindy
Photos: Ted Baker London Spring/Summer 17 Launch Dinner

Katie attended the Ted Baker London Spring/Summer 17 Launch Dinner last Thursday (March 16) in West Hollywood. California. Check out the pictures below:

AKC_tedbaker_28129.jpg AKC_tedbaker_28229.jpg AKC_tedbaker_28529.jpg AKC_tedbaker_28629.jpg


15 March 2017
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Tomboy KC: On Dressing For Yourself When Headed Out

Katie and Lynsey released more photos from their Chloe Magazine photoshoot, and according to Lynsey the issue will be out next month. Check it out:

“There are two predominate theories when it comes to getting dressed to “go out” at night.

The first, is centered entirely around looking “hot” in order to attract a partner. Admittedly, dressing for someone else. Making someone else’s attraction your focus. A stop into just about any bar in any major city would prove that, undoubtedly, this is probably the most predominate approach to Saturday night.

The second (and our prescribed stance), focuses on you. What makes you feel good. What makes you feel attractive, fun, the most you. You know the girl in the back of the bar playing pool in boyfriend jeans, a t-shirt and heels? Yeah, this is her M.O.

Neither approach is wrong, per se. And, to be clear, they aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. You can, in effect, dress for yourself and still want to be attractive to someone else.

In fact, in our experience, dressing for yourself effectively makes you more attractive to others because of the whole confidence factor. You aren’t pretending to be someone you aren’t, wiggling around in something uncomfortable or self-conscious because you are overexposed. You are just unapologetically you. And in a world filled with self-conscious humans, that’s just about as hot as it gets.


14 March 2017
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Photos: Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

Katie attended the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention yesterday and she only had an autograph session, so we don’t have much info from this con. But she’s also going to Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Chicago in two weeks, so maybe we’ll know something about her next projects soon. Meanwhile, check out the fanpics in our gallery:

lacomiccon_fanpics_28329.jpg lacomiccon_fanpics_28429.jpg lacomiccon_fanpics_28229.jpg lacomiccon_fanpics_28729.jpg


10 March 2017
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Chloe Magazine Photoshoot (Preview)

As you may recall, Katie did a photoshoot for Chloe Magazine in January along with her friend and partner Lynsey Eaton. The issue is not ou yet, but they decided to share some of the (awesome) pictures on Tomboy KC. Check it out:

“A few months ago, we got together at The Joule in Dallas to shoot a special project for Spring that is going to be featured in Chloe Magazine’s Spring issue.

If you followed along on Insta Stories, then you know how much fun this one was.

From the time with our BeGlammed hair and makeup team to having Alyssa on site to help with the styling, this was no doubt one of our favorite projects to shoot to date. And not just because we went to all of our favorite Dallas locations (no visit to Dallas is complete without a trip to The Eye) and got to wear some pretty killer looks from local retailers (this look is primarily from Elements here in Dallas). Honestly, it was also because we got to do it all together. Life has been pretty crazy for both of us as of late, so getting the chance to just hang out and work like in the old days was pretty awesome.

The whole idea behind this shoot was meant to emulate a day in our lives when we are here in Dallas – from Morning, to Noon, to Night. In the actual Chloe piece we share our travel tips, our restaurant picks, our shopping musts and where to stay in the Big D. We even give away a few of our best kept secrets. So stay tuned for that…

Although the issue won’t be out for another month or so, we wanted to give you guys the chance to shop the looks before they hit the stands, starting with this one of Katie’s.”

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chloe_magazine_28529.jpg chloe_magazine_28829.jpg chloe_magazine_28429.jpg chloe_magazine_281229.jpg


04 March 2017
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Tomboy KC: Setting Limits

“It’s a classic story – we went shopping after lunch, popping into Elements in Dallas like we have so many times before.

But this time, not wanting to overextend (we are building a house, after all), we went in with the promise that we could each only buy one thing, and even then, only if we loved it. A limit that put pressure on the situation but also forced us to really think about our purchases, rather than just collect them (an admittedly bad habit).

After perusing the sale rack, sick of sweaters and feeling the onset of Spring, we moved on to the new arrivals, getting wrapped up in the lace and gauze like we do every year once March rolls around.

Our arms full of silk robes, full-piece bathing suits and beachy two-piece short sets, we headed into the dressing rooms, anxious to find that perfect something. One by one, we tried on our selections and paraded them out for the other to look at.

Had we gone in without setting a limit, the likelihood that we each would have left with a handful of garments would have been high. Being excited about a new season can do that to you.


04 March 2017
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Tomboy KC: Introducing Sugarfix

“When the first designer Target collab came out, we stood in line with all of the other crazies and stocked up. We have Missoni x Target [insert anything you can think of here] and 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target accessories we definitely didn’t need. It was mania and we bought it in hook, line and sinker.

But over the last few years, the whole Target meets designer collab thing has kind of lost its zeal for us. Maybe it’s the fact that they’ve exhausted the designers that are the most adaptable to the collab formula, or maybe we are just suckers for novelty. Either way, we haven’t paid much attention to the collab game as of late. (Although, we must admit we are more than the slightest bit interested in what Victoria Beckham has up her sleeve for this next go around.)

Don’t get us wrong, we still love good design at reasonable prices, but like anything, with mass hysteria and popularity, the high-pressure purchasing and eventual eBay onslaught is just not as fun as it once was.

But then came Sugarfix by BaubleBar for Target.

We’ve always been big fans of BaubleBar‘s more affordable approach to jewelry trends, and were over the moon when we found out we could find them at Nordstrom. But an even more affordable (and equally killer) line that we can pick up while buying orange juice and wrapping paper? Come on guys, you’ve outdone yourself.”

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TKC_introducingsugarfix_28129.jpg TKC_introducingsugarfix_28829.jpg TKC_introducingsugarfix_281229.jpg TKC_introducingsugarfix_28529.jpg 


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