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Arrow is finally back this week and here are some Black Siren scoops:

Let’s talk about the cabal of villains coming in. Why do a group of villains?

Marc Guggenheim: It’s more along the lines of, if you’re going to do stories that are about this group, Team Arrow, tell a story about a group of antagonists. It’s not just about check off boxes in terms of like thorn, thorn, thorn; it’s more like group versus group. The theme of the season is family, but it’s all the different interpretations of the word family, and it’s about groups and about loyalties, and some of those loyalties are good and some of those loyalties are bad, and some of those people comprising the family are good people and some of them are bad people and some of them are conflicted people.

Is Black Siren part of this cabal?

MG: I don’t want to say.

Let’s talk Black Siren. We don’t know much about her life on Earth-2 other than she lost her version of Oliver. Is your plan to show us exactly how these two Laurels differ?

MG: We definitely want to share with the audience Black Siren’s backstory and how the worlds are different. We’ve talked about, like, do we do a flashback? I’ll be honest, in my mind right now, and this may be sharing too much of my process, but it’s a little weird to do a flashback to a parallel universe on a show that’s not Flash, so until we crack that, I can’t promise that, but it’s very important for the arc of the year for the audience to understand where Black Siren is coming from. The thing is, we’ve really taken to just calling her Laurel, because this is Laurel. It’s just a different Laurel than the one we knew for four years.

Source: EW

I’m returning to Arrow after a year break, thanks to the Katie Cassidy news. Do you have any Black Siren scoop to tie me over until October? — Helen

Ausiello: During an in-depth Q&A with Matt Mitovich, Stephen Amell indicated that of Team Arrow, “Oliver, ironically — and despite the fact that she allied herself with Adrian Chase — is the most hopeful one” when it comes to Black Siren perhaps one day being redeemed. “He’s like, ‘If theres a bit of Laurel in there, I want to find it.’” The feeling however is not at all mutual. As Amell puts it, stone-cold Black Siren feels “nothing” when she looks at the other Laurel Lance’s loved ones, Ollie included.

Source: TVLine

posted by Cindy on 09.10.17