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Arrow returns on March 1st and I promise I’ll add all the missing screencaps before the hiatus ends (well, at least those from season 6). 😀

But for now, check out 583 screencaps from Arrow 6×13 “The Devil’s Greatest Trick” in our gallery:

AKC_arrow6x13_caps_284829.JPG AKC_arrow6x13_caps_286829.JPG AKC_arrow6x13_caps_2813529.JPG AKC_arrow6x13_caps_2816529.JPGAKC_arrow6x13_caps_2837229.JPG AKC_arrow6x13_caps_2821929.JPG AKC_arrow6x13_caps_2842429.JPG AKC_arrow6x13_caps_2852129.JPG 

posted by Cindy on 15.02.18